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Chase away the
hot summer days
with a cool,
for your business!

Get your Share of the Web.
Be a WebShareholder

Ask about our affordable one-page, scrolling webpage design
(Restrictions apply)

Great for individuals
and start-ups

eBook: "Own Your Name
...before it's too late!"
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WebShareholder offers website design solutions and options to meet the need and style of solopreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses!
Web Hosting and SSL
Ask for details. Restrictions apply.
Our Mission
Our tagline, Get Your Share of the Web—Be a Web$hareholder, is the driving force of our mission:

To help small businesses carve out a presence on the Web with a professional, dynamic website that they can proudly present to their visitors and other interested parties.

A smart choice for small business web design solutions
Get the website you deserve!

Thank you for your interest in WebShareholder
eBook: "7 Essential Tips
for New Website Owners"

Want a new website?

Let WebShareholder make
your dream come true!
Here's what people are saying about WebShareholder
"I love my website! It's ama-a-a-zing!" —Deborah C.


"I'm thoroughly impressed. The site is well-coordinated—colors, shading, movement, etc."
—Ralph M.


is incredible.
It gets me."
—Vanessa D.


"I'm impressed.
The work exceeded
my expectations!"
—Stephen S.
The 5-Ws

"So easy to find the who, what, when, where, why and how information."
—Gwen L.


"I get so many
on my website!"
—Rhonda A.

is a lifesaver...
such fast service!"
—Jerome D.

Your business may be
small, but you CAN have a dynamic website

a consultant, merchant, author, artist, manufacturer, craftsman, healthcare professional, attorney—or small business owner or solopreneur of any profession, hobby or interest...
imagine a website that you can be proud to own.
Not sure if you have enough content to build a website? Ask about our affordable, one-page, long-scrolling website—great for solopreneurs and start-ups. Let's talk.
(Restrictions apply.)
Let's talk about your web design goals. We'll call you back.
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Get Your Share of the Web.
Be a Web$hareholder. SM
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