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(248) 289-8898
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Get Your Share of the Web. Be a Web$hareholder. (sm)
Web$hareholder Supports Small Business

Our Mission
Our tagline, Get Your Share of the Web—Be a Web$hareholder, is the driving force of our mission:
To help individuals and small businesses carve out a presence on the Web with a professional, dynamic website that they can proudly present to their visitors, customers, vendors, investors, and competitors.

(248) 289-8898
Why own a website?
In many ways, it can be cheaper for your business to launch a website that is accessible 24/7/365 than placing an advertisement in a newspaper that is soon thrown into the trash.

As a small business owner, a website can help to give you certain advantages, such as...

  • Sales exposure 24/7 worldwide

  • Low overhead expense

  • Added credibility

  • A more level "playing field" of competitive opportunity with your competitors, regardless of their size

Why get a website now?
The playing field has changed!
Now is a good time to get a new website or redesign an existing one. Why? Since the pandemic, the playing field for businesses has changed dramatically—giving small business a stronger competitive footing with big business.
Businesses are unable to rely on the in-person interaction of before Covid-19. To survive, more businesses are launching new websites to maintain relations with existing customers and reach out to new ones.
Let Web$hareholder design a website to showcase your business or talent.
Designing to Support Your Corporate Message
At Web$hareholder, you work with a project manager who is a web designer/developer and professional writer/editor—who understands the importance of developing a design that supports your corporate message and that you can be proud to display.
As Web$hareholder is a small business, perhaps much like you, it understands why it is so important to build dynamic websites and eLearning products for individuals and small businesses looking for a competitive edge at an economical price.
Got questions?

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Wanna peek?

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Let's do this!

Let Web$hareholder
build your new website.
Get Your Share of the Web.
Be a Web$hareholder. SM
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