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(248) 289-8898
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Get Your Share of the Web. Be a Web$hareholder. (sm)
Web$hareholder Supports Small Business

Our Mission
Our tagline, Get Your Share of the Web—Be a Web$hareholder, is the driving force of our mission:
To help individuals and small businesses carve out a presence on the Web with a professional, dynamic website that they can proudly present to their visitors, customers, vendors, investors, and competitors.

(248) 289-8898
Why own a website?
In many ways, it can be cheaper for your business to launch a website that is accessible 24/7/365 than placing an advertisement in a newspaper that is soon thrown into the trash.

As a small business owner, a website can help to give you certain advantages, such as...

  • Sales exposure 24/7 worldwide

  • Low overhead expense

  • Added credibility

  • A more level "playing field" of competitive opportunity with your competitors, regardless of their size

Why get a website now?
The playing field has changed!
Now is a good time to get a new website or redesign an existing one. Why? Since the pandemic, the playing field for businesses has changed dramatically—giving small business a stronger competitive footing with big business.
Due to Covid-19, businesses are unable to rely on the in-person interaction of the past. In efforts to survive, more businesses are launching new websites to maintain relations with existing customers and reach out to new ones.
Let Web$hareholder design a website to showcase your business or talent.
Designing to Support Your Corporate Message
At Web$hareholder, you work with a project manager who is a web designer/developer and professional writer/editor—who understands the importance of developing a design that supports your corporate message and that you can be proud to display.
As Web$hareholder is a small business much like you, it understands why it is so important to build dynamic websites and eLearning products for individuals and small businesses looking for a competitive edge at an economical price.
Due to Covid-19, all communication with clients is via phone or online.
Work in progress (script, photos, etc.) is transmitted via email or cloud file hosting service.
Got questions?

Check out our FAQ.
Get answers to your questions.
Wanna peek?

Get more than a sneak peek. Check out Web$hareholder's portfolio of client sites.
Let's do this!

Let Web$hareholder
build your new website.
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Get Your Share of the Web.
Be a Web$hareholder. SM
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