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Get Your Share of the Web. Be a Web$hareholder. (sm)
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Advanced Business, Inc.
Get a dynamic, eye-catching website
with affordable small business web design solutions

Why get a website?
Accessible 24/7/365
Why get a website?
Enhance your credibility
and authority
Why get a website?
Level the playing field
with your competitors
Why get a website?
Enhance customer
Our Mission
Our tagline, Get Your Share of the Web—Be a Web$hareholder, is the driving force of our mission:

To help small businesses carve out a presence on the Web with a professional, dynamic website that they can proudly present to their visitors and other interested parties.

Get Your Share of the Web.
Be a Web$hareholder. SM
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Our business operates as "Web$hareholder" and "WebShareholder.com" [Note: The dollar sign ($) is not in the domain name.]
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